Advies Carrier Selection

Startdatum: Augustus 2010
Einddatum: Augustus 2011
Klant: Communications and Information Technology Commission, Saudi Arabië

Stratix has conducted an independent review of the economic, technical and regulatory merits and feasibility of proceeding with the introduction of Carrier Selection (CS) and Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as outlined in the prevailing Regulatory Framework by the Communications and Information Technology Commission. This main report opens with analyzing the current ICT market in the KSA and reviewing the CS Regulatory Framework and policies.  Furthermore, the study contains private and public cost benefit analysis and a benchmark study of a select set of OECD-countries, surveying MENA countries and containing 4 in-depth studies on Australia, Malaysia, Morocco and South-Africa. The reports ended by showing alternative options of implementing carrier selection and carrier pre-selection in the KSA and the impact of these options.The main conclusions of this research are summarized in this paper.


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